Terms and Conditions

Copywriting service for job descriptions

Upon agreeing to these Ts & Cs:

  • TalentAttract will provide a copywriting service, which is a job description, also known as a job ad, that motivates candidates to apply.

  • The service will commence upon the payment of the activation fee - €250.

  • The length of the ad will be dependent on each individual role. The price is fixed, regardless.

  • After TalentAttract has received answers to its questions on the job role, you, the client, will have the first draft within 48 hours of the business week.

  • You can suggest amends to the ad on three occasions, i.e. TalentAttract will produce three drafts, if required, before final sign-off. 

  • Each draft will be delivered within 24 hours of the business week upon receiving the amends.

  • At this point the service is complete and you are expected to pay the remainder of the fee, €250, within 30 days.


Production of social media creative

  • If this service is required, TalentAttract will provide imagery and accompanying copy that can be used on any of your social media channels. The imagery will come from an image library that provides the legal rights to use the image in a marketing capacity.

  • TalentAttract will provide the appropriate image sizing for each social media channel and amended copy length for Twitter, if required.

  • The social media creative will be produced within 24 hours of the business week upon sign-off of the job ad.


TalentAttract may on occasion, provide additional assistance to the client’s candidate attraction campaign but are not required to do so under these Terms and Conditions.

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