Turbocharge your candidate attraction 

The process of recruitment is a very under-rated skill. The ability to correctly shortlist CVs, screen candidates and choose the absolute best person for the job is not easy. Equally, as you already know, jobseekers of today aren't just interested in seeking a job. They want the next step towards a fulfilling career, working in a supportive, fun, professional and social environment. 


How can you convey that message? A message that will draw out the elusive, passive individuals and deter unsuitable candidates. It's a challenge. It requires techniques and skills more associated with the field of marketing.


You need a strong employer brand at the centre of your strategy. You need to be able to define and target your audience. You need to choose the right communication methods that will connect with that audience and use words and imagery that will engage, inspire and persuade that audience to apply for your job.


TalentAttract can do all this and more. We bring together decades of brand management, advertising, social media and copywriting, as well as recruitment experience, to take your candidate attraction to another level.


Our services work on a sliding scale, from simply writing a persuasive ad for one job, to a long term, multi-disciplined recruitment campaign. We can also provide workshops to make you and your teams more effective at attracting the right candidates.


We don't just roll out the marketing to-do list, we get a deep understanding of your company and the roles you are trying to fill. We will provide something unique for each and every job.


We also offer a service which can create, identify and improve your employer brand. This will retain your very best employees for longer, as well attracting the top candidates.

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