Improve your employer brand

The current role of an HR professional is unrecognisable from 20 years ago. It is now getting acknowledged for the key strategic contribution it makes in the success of a company. More and more HRDs are bringing their talents to the boardroom.


Yet the role becomes more and more challenging as more facets are added to the skillset that makes up an HR professional.


Take the rise of employer branding in the role of HR for example; you are now expected to bring to the table the skills of a marketer, as well as a recruiter and a data analyst; amongst many other responsibilities.


That's where TalentAttract can help. We can bring our decades of marketing experience to your employer branding challenge. Whether you are struggling to hire top talent or keep hold of your best employees, TalentAttract can investigate, analyse and improve your current offering.


We can tailor our programme to meet any size of an organisation, or any budget. The programme can include all or parts of the following:


  • A brand audit

  • Employee survey

  • Employer brand strategies

  • Design & delivery


We can also help you attract the very best candidates to your jobs through our candidate attraction service.

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